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Mourning Attire – May 30th, 2009

I closed my eyes and felt a heavy sadness because I knew Randy was trying his best to maintain his composure as he discussed the use of silicone in order to “flesh out” the right side of Andrew’s face in order to make him more “aesthetically pleasing”. I also knew that he was using everything in his power to stop picturing the beautiful young man who laid before him walking down a set of railroad tracks less than half a mile from the house he grew up in, jumping two hundred feet to his death. That’s what made me sad at that moment. Know that his mind was playing the same grainy movie over and over again, just like ours. Except Randy had to watch a different version of this horrific movie everyday of his life and for a moment I envied him. I wanted to be able to change channels too.

Surviving Sandy – The Eye of The Storm